Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Childrens horse riding lessons at Miracles Sudan

We are the specailists in childrens horse riding lessons in Khartoum Sudan.
Your children will learn how to ride and take care of a horse. While playing games and having fun.
Our horses have been working with children for many years and our very friendly and safe.


mary said...

It can be fascinating to see what different commenter's have to say. I was looking round for information and your site came up first. Great blog post.


Anonymous said...

I know horsemanship is present all over the world but I felt something weird when I read this blog. It seems that horses are not that common in Middle East countries.

Justin Gaberial said...


horseridesnetus said...

As a professional trainer I hear this comment quite often, when I was a kid we just jumped on the old mare and rode off into the fields. I just smile and walk away.

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Jones Morris said...

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